I Completed & Submitted My 2nd Article on Helium, but....

United States
September 21, 2012 11:57am CST
I researched, wrote, edited, cited and submitted my 2nd article for Helium on Wed. night, but...I learned the next day that they didn't accept it! They said it was cited a lot in the paragraphs and @ the end, but it wasn't cited properly. That doesn't mean it was plagerized but that I refered to my sources in the wrong way in the paragraphs. They told me how to cite properly and uploaded a link in the email with an example. I didn't know that was the way to cite. I didn't realize that they had a completely different way to cite from what I've been writing in Demand Studios 3 years ago, and Suite 101 2 years ago. I studied the way to cite. All I have to do is upload a link in my paragraph where I used a source or two. I guess citing in the paragraph, using names, title and article of the person or webstite I'm citing takes up too much room or seems to distract the subject in the paragraphs. Today, I'm going to pick an article to be due on Thurs. and learn how to cite properly on Helium.
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@Rollo1 (16691)
• Boston, Massachusetts
21 Sep 12
It's not difficult to cite your sources on Helium, and if you pick a good two or three sources for your information, you'll do fine. They don't require more than that and probably too many links in the article makes it difficult to read. Good Luck.
21 Sep 12
It sounds like it is quite complicated and difficult to write for Helium. I tried to write for suite 101 a while ago and just found that they were so picky that I couldn't be bothered with them. And it is not like they pay so much more than other sites like experts column which is so easy to write for and you tend to get quite a lot of views quite easily. Having said that, I think you need to write quite a lot of content on experts column in order to make any money whereas on sites like Helium and suite 101 you may make money on an ongoing basis more than the other sites. Anyway, good luck with learning how to site properly on Helium. I hope you have good success with it!