Health education

Sri Lanka
September 22, 2012 4:52am CST
In schools in our country do not have health education. So the girls felt lots of problems such as delivering babies before their merriage and other diseases. What do you think about this? Give me your ideas?
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@prashu228 (37311)
• India
22 Sep 12
yes ,its very much necessary. Boys and girls are going into relationship in their teenage, without knowing the consequences, they do it all for fun , but the actual results are dangerous, and have to bear life long. so if the health education is introduced in their school stage ,they will be aware of all the problems and also STD'S , so that they will understand the possible to take precautions.
@Shavkat (129862)
• Philippines
22 Sep 12
In our country, along the course of learning,we have s*x education.
@arrianne (29)
• Philippines
22 Sep 12
Their is no problem about having that kind of education because as you said their are lot of women who doesnt know about pregnancy and diseases that they would have if they would have an intercoarse. And having health education not only women would know about those things. Being healthy must be one of the concern of your country.