September 22, 2012 5:46am CST
I had been blogging for sometime and yet it turns out that to be that I get very low or no traffic at all to my blog. I just want to ask on how to choose the subject of your blog or the niche and how to increase the organic traffic. Would the niche be related to current events or what is trending now or my hobbies?
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@kenshin2143 (1880)
• Philippines
22 Sep 12
The most interesting topic would be about money making. Anyhow, I would really suggest for you to know your audience first before formulating the topic you will be blogging about. Take for example, your selected audience are students, and your topic would be about school issues. In that particular manner, you can stick to your original audience and be consistent in drafting your articles. As for you traffic, I think the best way to draw traffic would be writing the best articles that will really encapsulate your ideas and draws interest.
7 Dec 12
May I join in? Thanks... Well to get traffic into you blogs you must first understand the interests of your group or "audience" and try to create a blog in that point of interest, that's just for me, hope it'll help ronyang...
• Philippines
9 Nov 12
(blog with what you believe in, no niche just yourself) When creating a blog, it is important that you have set a desired genre of content that you will publish and create a niche with. This could either be from art,personal experiences, music, poetry, family, etc. It all depends on you and what you want your readers to read about. For example, if you have a blog that it's intent is to give out information about photography and photography portfolios, don't include a content that is far not related to like pets and etc. Also, it is important to put on a simple blog layout. a simple black and white layout will make wonders on your blog for it will make more attention for the readers to read out your blog content without having an eye problem on reading because the layout is clean and simple. Lastly, to get more blog views a simple way to traffic your blog is by social media! You can share your blogsite link to any social networking sites such as facebook or twitter and let your friends read them! By doing so, you can have more traffic and more blog views. Hope this helps. :D