Someone's wife is love with me, what should I do?

@Jatelo2 (166)
Nairobi, Kenya
September 24, 2012 11:26am CST
She is married yet she wont let me be. I just met her in a function and we came to know each other during the introduction break and since then she has been calling me at odd hours yet she knows that I know of her marital status! What should I do since I have tried talking her out of this without much success?
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@meganjaxt (190)
8 Sep 18
Let me believe you have some level of interest in her. I don't know why it is difficult for you stop her from calling you. I will only take it into consideration if you live in the same neighborhood. If you are not interested in her then stop picking her calls.
• China
25 Sep 12
you are so charming,but i think you should refuse her,if i were you,i would do it,i hate the third party,it is bad to destory othera'families,good luck!
@josga2008 (320)
• Canada
24 Sep 12
You didn't mention whether or not she is doing this with her husband's blessing. I'll assume that's the case, but it would be good to know, since there are people who are into swinging or other open relationships. You also didn't mention whether you are married or not. Assuming she is cheating on her husband, then my advice is to not do it. I don't understand why you are having such a problem with this unless at some level you think cheating is ok. You also said "she won't let me be" , which sounds like you don't want to go anywhere near her. So tell her that if she doesn't stop bothering you, that you will tell her husband.
• Chennai, India
24 Sep 12
Are you married? If yes, you should think of your family too. If you are single, I would say her marital status doesn't matter at all. What matters is, what kind of relationship she wants to have and what you feel about this. If both of you are prepared for the consequences, nothing stops you.
• Valdosta, Georgia
24 Sep 12
If talking with her about it did not work than I would have to say ignore her. Don't talk to her at all, ignore her like she is not there. I would not respond to her at all, it could be for an attention thing that she is doing that. Cheating is wrong and if she does not know better than I would stay away from her!