What MLM company do you think offers the best compensation plan in Nigeria?

September 25, 2012 12:47pm CST
I just want to know what are the MLM company that is currently operating in Nigeria? And what company do you think offers the best compensation plan to their members?
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• Page, Arizona
5 Sep 13
I will just say, from all the compensation plans I have seen for MLM's I really was impressed and joined the doTERRA international MLM. 1. It is an international company with a few warehouses so as to reach everyone. 2. It is online so you can have anyone, anywhere join and order their products. 3. I LOVE their products. They are an essential oil company and of the beat quality I have seen. They can be taken internally and have seen them work for me. 4. The compensation plan holds nothing back gives great start up bonuses. As long as you place your 100pv LRP order you receive: 20% on all new enrollees under you 10% on enrollees for your people 5% on enrollees under those people 2-7% on all orders placed under you depending on location Then there is a power of three bonus from $50-1200. This is given monthly!!! And then it starts again next month! There is no issues with one line being longer than the other or some people not ordering that month (except power of three). That is the best I have seen, BUT know to be truly happy in a MLM make sure you enjoy the product yourself as you will be buying them yourself and getting others to buy them. I LOVE the essential oils and all products that DoTERRA makes, if this is right for you, come and join and see yourself making money real soon. All you do is enroll, place order and set up monthly LRP at 100pv+. Then tell family and friends about what you have found and those interested, you will sign up.. Then they will do likewise and get people signing up under them. Etc. ( Just remember not to push people because we are not in to lose friends, we are in to help others with essential oils and make money while we are at it! ) Contact me if this is right for you and want to join.