How to be charming and charismatic

September 26, 2012 3:58am CST
Have you ever noticed how some people captivate every one when they speak to? Doesn't matter how they look or have more money, when then they enter to a room they become the center of attraction. When they leave people think of them and want to talk to them or listen to them. That's what we say "charisma".
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@abhaijith (2963)
• India
26 Sep 12
Hi Rohith, First of all A warm welcome to this wonderful community. Here you can make friends,have fun,get new knowledge + Earn Money for that.Earning money for doing something that you are interested in makes the difference in being Here. Coming to the topic. Its really a nice topic to discuss.What you said is absolutely right. Some people have such Charismatic personalities who can attract the attention of all around them. I believe ATTITUDE is an important thing in developing such a Charismatic personality.A person who is having a positive attitude will be having a pleasant face and also a Positive Energy around him and that makes the difference. Do You Have a Positive Attitude?
@skbh12 (2946)
• Philippines
26 Sep 12
I believe that every person possesses their own charisma but the only thing here is that how they use and project it. Some may be good in talking and some does it through actions. Some gives good topics to talk about. So it varies in a lot of ways. It is how a person brings him / herself to the public. A person may show negative actions or positive ones.
@berting600 (3453)
• Philippines
26 Sep 12
I think that it depends on the topics to be discussed.You should have to think that people are born to have different views and interpretations of life.Even to the reactions given out from the discussions,yet you should have to give them an example, which is good enough to make them focus to all your discussions.The examples must be coming from your previous experiences with a touch of wit and really humorous outcome,that people will become more anxious to know the whole story,and your true reason for making the discussions.Now,have you vision what kind of a speaker I am? Do I pass your taste of what you like to have that charisma?