worst migraine i've ever had!

September 26, 2012 5:39am CST
I do suffer periodically from migraines, mostly cluster with the occasional unbearable one. Last week however i was rushed by ambulance to hospital after what i now know to have been a migraine episode. Was shopping and my face started to tingle along with my hand and arm, pressure on my nose (no headache)the world started slowing down i couldn't keep my balance or think or speak clearly, i was terrified! I had a CT and MRI scan and a chest xray and kept in and monitered, doctors originally thought i had suffered a srtoke or bleed on the brain...feel very fortunite to have been given the all clear but am truely worried that this will be the first of many....does anyone else suffer this type of migraine? how do you cope?
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26 Sep 12
Wow! That is extremely scary. The worst headache episode I had was when i suffered for three weeks with a bad sinus infection. I tried to gut through the pain hoping it would stop, but I finally had to break down and see a doctor. The treatment was worse than the headaches, but they did go away. Did the doctors ever say why your face was tingling?
27 Sep 12
apparently that can all happen with a migraine, just unfortunite in the serverity of the attack. Can also cause paralyze and blindness temporarly. been 6 days since it happened and i am not yet fully back to my usual self. Sinu infections are horrid, next time you think you have one don't wait so long to see the doc..take care
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28 Sep 12
I will have to pay more attention when I get a headache. That sounds scary to have facial paralysis.