Completed & Submitted my 2nd Article on Helium!

United States
September 28, 2012 4:47pm CST
I worked on my article on the Libertarian Party on Wed. for, with little sleep the night before (less than an hour). I had saved Internet sources on my Desktop, on my laptop computer, and wrote some things on Mon. and Tues. using a book source, "It's Even Worse Than It Look" by Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein. So, on Wed. I wrote the whole article using 3 Internet sources, in about 5 hours (non-consecutively)even as my little nephews were over that my mother had to watch. I had let them use my laptop most of the day since it's easier for me to type on my desktop computer, even though it's old and slow, but only if I'm online not when I'm in Word. But at some point I had to go on the Internet to read the sources I had saved on my Desktop on my laptop cmpt., which the kids had. So, I had to wait a long time on my computer...I finally told the kids I had to use the laptop, 2 times. I got it use 2 times and did what I had to do. I went back to typing on my Desktop cmpt. until supper time, when my brother came to eat with us & his kids. I had to help my mother put the food away & then had to put the recycables & trash out before going back on the cmpt. to type the rest of the article. I finished by 7:30 & had a half hour to spell check, edit it for length and learn how to embed the Internet links into the paragraphs. I did all that & then tried to download a photo, save it & upload it but it was 8:00 & I had to submit it or else...I did without a photo, embedded links, but the auto editor said it couldn't accept it, not because of those things but because it was 20 words too long. So, I went thru the article & deleted unnecessary words, and submitted 5 times, each time saying it was too long - 10 words too long, then 6 words too long, 5..., 4...finally 1 word. I deleted 1 more word & sent it in 20 min. after the deadline & it stayed on the website with no rejection of any kind! It accepted it! It was still there on the website the next day! All that work & no rejection! I was happy and still am...
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@Sandra1952 (6047)
• Spain
29 Sep 12
Hello, Dcunni. Glad that your second article went well. Sounds like it needed quite a lot of research, and you had a lot of distractions, so kudos for still turning in a good article. You'll find that each article gets easier as you get into the routine of writing and research. I'd suggest you write a couple of what I call 'fluffy' articles, where no research is needed, and you can just express yourself. Maybe you could find something suitable in the Relationships & Family channel, or Celebrations & Holidays. Congratulations for sticking at it - I know you haven't had the easiest of starts on Helium, but it will all be worth it in the long run.