Does your spouse infuriate you at times?

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September 29, 2012 7:50am CST
Sometimes my husband really gets on my last nerve. Since we have moved our expenses are now more. I have been thinking about getting another part time job or getting a full time one. This morning my husband made the stupidest comment to me. We only have one car that he takes 45 minutes away to work everyday. And if I happen to have the car one day I always have my little daughter with me. He said "when are you going to get a job." I said when I have the car and someone to watch our daughter while I go fill out applications. Then he said well that will be never. Then he made the comment "you need to learn how to do things with our daughter with you, how do you think amish people get things done." I'm so mad at him I could scream. He has the car all the time and yet he doesn't want my mom to watch our daughter. And yet he magically thinks I'm suppose to be able to fill out applications. My daughter is with me all the time, he hardly takes her anywhere so he doesn't know how she acts after being in a place for 15 minutes. And yet he's going to try and make a comment about what amish women do when he doesn't even do have the stuff I do with our daughter.
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@dorannmwin (36656)
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1 Oct 12
I don't really think that there is anyone that is in a relationship where their significant other doesn't infuriate them from time to time. With us, it does typically have to do with working as well. You see, we decided when my son was born that I would stay at home with the children until my son started school. Well, he started school in August of this year and I still haven't gotten a job and I think that it makes him mad. However, what he doesn't take the time to think about is that I was in a car accident in July and I'm still tethered to the doctor's office three times every week. This is taking up all my time and I really can't accomplish anything else.
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3 Oct 12
Sorry to hear that you were in a car accident. Having to go to the doctor's office that often would take up a lot of time. I hope that you will be able to find a job when you are in a position and situation too. It is frustrating when our husband's don't try and be supportive and understanding. Since we moved into our new place our expenses have been a lot more and things have been really tight since we had to pay all of the deposits for everything. My husband has already been complaining about us being able to keep up with everything. So this morning I was looking over a paper with the local food pantries in our area. And I found one that was today but only once a month. So I suggested that my husband take his work van so that I could the car and go get a few groceries. He wouldn't do it. That is one reason why he makes me so upset. He complains and yet when I need the vehicle to try and go get things or apply for things to help us out he doesn't work with me. So the next time he complains I'm not going to say anything or acknowledge it because when I try and do my part he doesn't let me so all the bills and expenses can stay on him. I've already told him that I should try and apply for food stamps because right now I'm pretty sure that we qualify for it. But in order to do those types of things you have to make an appointment and go into the office.
@jugsjugs (13038)
29 Sep 12
I have six children and I know that it can be hard trying to fill in forms when you have them making a noise. When I was younger I use to have two jobs, which were night jobs and my husband had day work, this is the way that we had to do it.It was hard working at night coming home and looking after the children until they either went to school or the husband was home from work, but I did it and that was with six children. I had weekend work as well as week night work to do.You fill forms at quiet times for jobs and you work when your husband is at home to look after your daughter.
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30 Sep 12
Yeah I don't think that working which ever job I get will necessarily be hard. The hard part is being able to get to the different places to get the applications and filling them out. My husband work first shift and we only have one vehicle. The places that I'm hoping to apply at are open 8-5 which is the shift my husband works. So I'm not going to stress out about it, if he wants to then that is on him. I need to be able to have a way to get to the places and to get to work. Wow, taking care of six kids would be a lot of work. I'm happy that I only have one and she is it for us :).