Google Translator, how reliable it is?

@syoti20 (5293)
September 29, 2012 8:15am CST
My cousin just came to Philippines to attend a wedding. She cant understand any English word. So I decided to use Google Translator to communicate with her. When I already finish typing my sentence and read what Google Translator translate she laughed. How is google translator to translate English to Japanese word?
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@subho93 (18)
29 Sep 12
it is 70% reliable..There will be still some grammatical mistakes after the translation.
@mutchy126 (317)
7 Nov 12
I find it very reliable. I only have used it with common languages like Spanish and French though.
@ajithlal (14716)
• India
29 Sep 12
I think good translator is reliable to some extend. I think it is not good to translate the content fully and it can translate to a very good accuracy.
@kai9999 (1700)
• India
26 Oct 12
My mother tongue is Telugu, a regional language, I believe it's still in beta and I have to rate it 20 with the score of 100. Whenever I translate other languages to English (which are not beta) I find it useful. though i see certain error, still you can understand it.
@lady1993 (27239)
• Philippines
1 Nov 12
Nah, it is not reliable at all. i tried it once, and never again. i just inputted a simple sentence in Filipino and the translation was word by word i guess, it was so funny. it's hard to find a good translator for not so common languages.
@Rasniki09 (183)
2 Oct 12
It's not perfect but it helps me out sometimes when I need to write a short message from English to Spanish.
@BigMoney25 (1284)
• Philippines
29 Sep 12
It is reliable if you are going to convert from Tagalog to English, it's accuracy can be somewhat 95% correct. But if you are going to convert from English to tagalog it can be troublesome and somewhat unreliable. So that's just something you have to watch out for my friend.