I Just Can't Let Go...

October 2, 2012 11:23pm CST
I should have stopped for good. It has been a year or more since the last time I talk to some of you. I thought I can do without your friendship. I thought I can just go on with my life without turning back and missing the things that I shared with you. But I was wrong. Because here I am finding myself typing this, a message for everybody with whom I had interacted with. I just can't let go of you. You have left a mark in my heart that it is just too difficult to ignore. Maybe, I'm here to stay or maybe , I'm not. Nevertheless, I just want to express my longings and yearnings for the friendships that I found here. Friendships that helped me get through the tough times...
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@jennyze (7029)
• Indonesia
9 Oct 12
Don't push yourself, sometimes I am too gone from here for weeks or months... we just have something else to take care of besides mylot and all the friends we are interacting here.... don't feel guilty...
@sid556 (30960)
• United States
4 Oct 12
glad you are back!! Sometimes all we need is a little break from here. I've taken some breaks too...usually because of too much other stuff going on in my life but it is always nice to be back. I could never understand how one could actually form a real friendship with someone on line until this place. It's definitly true. The good outweighs any negative here. I would not ever leave for long either. Welcome back!!!
@dpk262006 (58673)
• Delhi, India
3 Oct 12
Hi eureka![em]happy[/em] Welcome back to mylot. Mylot is a place where you could share your feelings and happenings with all of us and you know how seriously your friends listen to you. I would urge that please do not let your (mylot) friends go and do not isolate yourself from mylot. You could join us as per your convenience and as and when time permits you. It is always a great pleasure to see you here and to participate in your unmatched discussions. Thanks for rejoining us.
@myfb2009 (8296)
• Malaysia
4 Oct 12
Hi Eureka, welcome back to here again. I think i ever interact with you a few times. It is good to hear you missed us here a lot. So, i am waiting to hear more from you again. Hope you can spend more time in here like before again.
• Philippines
3 Oct 12
Hello Eurkafemme, what happened to you my friend? if you had time to talk to us, why didn't you visit us here? you know there is a planning another mylot eye ball event this 13 in MOA. though i haven't paid that fee yet i think i can go if there's no immediate schedule of activities. i wish you can be more active here just like the way it is before
@inertia4 (27961)
• United States
3 Oct 12
I remember you. Look, I am sure you're not the only one who tried to quit using MyLot and came back. It is addictive and an awesome place to be. I love it here. As I am sure you do. You obviously missed being here. Well, welcome back. If you feel overwhelmed here, stop by every few days or so. Don't knock yourself out. I have been away from MyLot for a few days once in a while. I remember when I joined, I started and then I stopped. I was gone for months. Then one day something told me to come back here. And I am glad I did.
@med889 (5941)
3 Oct 12
Friends in mylot - Friends in mylot is always nice to have
I am here for the last few years and i made a lot of friends here in mylot. Then last year I had to cut off from mylot because I had many other important priorities to look after, it was such a pain for me because i used to spend nearly 4 hours per day here. Then after 1 year i came back in mylot and was indeed surprise when I posted 1 discussion, how many people replied back saying its good to see me back and they even keep in touch with me when I was not in mylot. I found a group of friend here and its always good to have friends. I hope you will be back too.
@adnileb (5256)
• Philippines
3 Oct 12
I cannot remember having conversations with you. But nonetheless, we are all friends here in mylot. And welcome back! It's so nice to hear people say they can't leave mylot. I know why, because it's fun being here. With the friendship, knowledge, ideas. Everthing is here including money. See you on your next discussions! Have a nice day ahead, eurekafemme!
@viju0410 (2286)
• India
3 Oct 12
HI, Good to know you respect friendship and they don't let you down. keep up coming back and you will find some new friends too. Though i too don't get much time to respond to all the discussions started by friends, but i do make my appearances here and there so my friends know that i'm here for them too... take care.