NeoBux is Up and Running! Rented Referral, Earnings and Direct RRs Update!

October 5, 2012 12:46am CST
Hello there, so NeoBux is up and running today in all my browsers! So I conclude it was just glitches I experienced last time. I also want to extend my gratitude to those who help me solve my problem - they are myLot friends and concerns, as well as the NeoBux support them! I have used my support ticket to communicate with them and I really like their support! So anyway, let's get to the point - 1. Currently I got 120 rented referrals, as what I have told you before I want to double it, from 60, I rented another 60 referrals yesterday (not from another IP address after I was done with my work here.) 2. Earnings, I have withdraw my earnings to my referral renting fund! But I expert $1+ everyday, let's see. As a Standard Member I aim to get &5+ per day before I will decide to pay for the Golden Membership. 3. Direct Referrals - this is the hardest part, but I receive one last day! I do not know where he/she from, I have 2 direct referrals since I have decided to delete my office mates (it's no use)! It's your turn! What's your NeoBux Update?? And most importantly, how did you manage to increase your direct referrals? Have you advertise?? Join online forums? P.S. I joined profit clicking, since I have a bonus of 10, I purchased add package ab advertise my blog post for NeoBux... Have you done the same? Please share!
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@marguicha (164157)
• Chile
5 Oct 12
I don`t understand what you did to get so many rented referrals. I have been trying to buy referrals at neobux for a long time and they say they don`t have any. Could you explain how you do it? Thanks!
• Philippines
6 Oct 12
Hello my friend, I am glad that you asked, once you have a sufficient balance at your rental fund you can rent referrals! Have you checked it? You should add funds first before you can rent referral packs. But you cannot rent referrals you want, for standard members it's once every 7 days! So it's better to choose carefully the referral packs you want to rent. What I did the first time is rent 15 referrals, the next 7 days I rented again another 15, and the following week I bought again 30 referrals, and just last couple of days I decided to double by renting 60 referrals. And always remember to renew them, so far I have renewed the expiring referrals for 90 days then I got some good discount from neobux, the ideal is 240 days but I have no enough fund for that! ANyway, as of this time my earnings is increasing $1+... my target is $5 before I will upgrade to golden!
@khateya (264)
• Australia
5 Oct 12
Sound interesting. Anyone other knows about this site?
• Philippines
5 Oct 12
Thanks for the comment, yeah NeoBux is a good way to make extra money as well!