The Great Debate

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October 5, 2012 6:47pm CST
I watched the 1st Presidential Debate on Wednesday night after tyring to take a nap from 7:30-8:55. I couldn't. I had a bad night sleeping the night before. I had a headache & was tired, but I really paid close attention to the debate. I like the fact that both candidates were gratious before the opening statements, and then Romney went right into his constructive critism of Obama's economic record and plans. But he didn't critize it as much as he did defending his positions with great energy, clarity and logic. He is not known for being detailed oriented but, that night, he was very detailed about his economic numbers! I was so proud of him! Democrats & Obama, view him as a defender of the rich, but he said he wants to save the middle class, he doesn't want a tax cut for the rich, he wants wants to do things on trade, energy and balance the budget. He's for small business, not necessarly for just big business. At Bain Capital, remember, he helped finance start up of alot of businesses. That means they were small when they started. All businesses are small when they start. Now most of them are big, like Staples and Cisco! He wants to lower tax rates for all people, lower deductions and exemptions for the rich. He wants us to be energy independent, not rely on foreign energy. He says any tax cut should not add to the deficit. He won't reduce taxes for the rich, but he won't raise taxes on the middle class, but the rates would come down as well as deductions & exemptions.Small businesses pay that rate. Must lower the rates for them. It's about jobs. He explained his position well, saying that the private sector is the only good way to create jobs, not the government. People pay taxes to fund government jobs. No one pays taxes to fund private businesses or non profit organizations. He did a good job explaining the way the economy is supposed to work. Obama agreed somewhat but still thought that raising taxes on the rich is the answer to the middle class. No! Most people who are rich invest in new businesses that create jobs for the middle class! Good job, Romney! The President didn't seem persuasive enough. He didn't debate Romney, just compared his plan to his. Romney did both. I was happy that Romney won that debate. He needed that win after weeks of not doing well since his convention speech.
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@laglen (19759)
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6 Oct 12
I too enjoyed the debate. Obama, after being closeted for three days in prep could not say anything that wasn't a talking point drilled into him over three days, whether it was germane to the conversation or not.