I Submitted My 5th Article...but

United States
October 7, 2012 12:05pm CST
On Thursday, I didn't sleep well because I stayed up late because of the debate Wed. night. My Helium article on "Why British Police Don't Carry Guns" was due that evening @ 8. I was busy exercising in late morning, watching debate analysis on Charlie Rose, ate lunch & finally worked on the article @ 2:30. I had saved my web sources on my Desktop. All I had to do was write it. I finished writing by 5:15 (2.45 hrs.). I had dinner, watched news analysis and then went back on the computer @ 7:25 to edit the article for length. The word count was up to 2,000. I needed to get it down below 1500. I thought I could send it in by 8, so I quickly deleted a lot of useless words, and then embedded links. I finally finished but after the deadline. So, I couldn't submit my article! I was so mad! That happpend to me once before. I don't remember which article it was because it was so long, but it happened before. I was mad but after I calmed down, I realized I had not given myself enough time, unlike the last 2 assignments. I thought I could finish in time, now that I knew how to embed links. I was overconfident.
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@Rollo1 (16691)
• Boston, Massachusetts
16 Oct 12
Sometimes I think I can make it when starting at the eleventh hour, but it doesn't always work. You can wait until the purchases are made and then the title opens again and submit it or maybe you can submit the article to another writing site.
@sirnose (2438)
• United States
11 Oct 12
This is why everything we do needs to be planned. Because without a plan we end up failing at the task just as you states in this discussion. You thought you could finish editing and proofreading your article, but you thought wrong. If, you had planned your writing task on how long you would work on i, then there would not have been a problem meeting your deadline. This is one of reason beginner writers fail at their writing task due to lack of planning.