A moral question on by buying cigarettes...

@cripfemme (7698)
United States
October 7, 2012 4:00pm CST
I have a rule. I never, never buy anyone cigarettes. If they smoke that 's their thing (as long as they don't do it in my house), but I won't sponsor anyone's addiction. As a longtime health educator, employer, and friend of the person in question, I feel like supporting someone's unhealthy addiction makes me a bad person. Am I right or wrong?
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@GemmaR (8517)
8 Oct 12
I think that you're right for not buying them for people if you don't feel as though you want to do so. Whenever I go on holiday abroad people ask me whether I will get some for them because they are so much cheaper, and my answer to that is always no. I don't encourage people to smoke, and I will never do so because it is one of the worst habits that you could possibly have in your lifetime. I know that I can't stop people from smoking, but I can certainly do everything within my power to mean that I don't make it any easier for them.