The Vice-Presidential Debate

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October 15, 2012 5:26pm CST
I watched the Vice Presidential Debate last week. Paul Ryan worked out with weights before the debate prep. and is considered a good debater in the House of Reps. Biden is ano old bureaucrat with old liberal ideas. Ryan is a young conservative with newer ideas when it comes to the economy. I thought he was going to make Biden look foolish and mean, without much effort. When I watched it, all my predictions not only came true but they multiplied! Ryan was not only confident, he was articulate had strong convictions & was alert. Biden, on the other hand, when he didn't agree with Ryan, he shook his head negatively & smiled like a corrupt salesman or lawyer trying to look good, when he wasn't. He even mumbled something negatively while Ryan talked & frequently interrupted him. Ryan said only once "If we're going to talk to the American people about our ideas [something like that] we shouldn't interrupt each other," and later said "I know you haven't been doing well lately, Senator Biden...", and "Joe, you have a tendency to say things before you think" [something like that]. Biden responded "At least I say what I mean." Later, when Ryan was comparing his tax plan to Jack Kennedy's, Biden said bluntly, "Oh, so you're Jack Kennedy now?" Ryan just ignored him & talked about his plan. Also, Biden said that when requests were made by the U.S. embassy in Libya, he said "I did not know they asked for help." That's directly contradicting what Hillary Clinton said that the State Dept. heard the request. He's lying! Biden was terrible in the debate, except when it came to abortion & his views on helping the elderly. Ryan was a gentleman, who didn't fall for Biden's goading but talked about the issues more, and didn't act like a jerk like Biden. Great debate though, because Ryan did so well & Biden did terrible.
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@laglen (19759)
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16 Oct 12
I agree with your assessment of the debate. Biden showed his true colors. he doesn't know crap and he has no solutions. Therefore, he continuously interrupted and laughed about things that were not funny. Maybe they forgot to give Biden his meds that day!