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4 months - here i am in 4 moth pregannt
@urzicutza (1972)
October 18, 2012 4:52pm CST
hello everybody, i am andreea and i am 5 months pregnant with my first child, she is a girl and her name is Dominique! i had a really good pregnancy soo far, beside the fact that i have to take some medicine for my tummy pain(contractions) i had a wonderful time so far! it thete anybody else here who is a future parent with the first child? maybe we can exchange experience and ideas :)
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@ztuberi (395)
• Philippines
19 Oct 12
Oh congratulations, that's a really good pregnancy. Me, I have an upset stomach, I always feel dizzy until my first 5 months. And my moods are bad, I cry a lot, I feel alone, and I also want to feel alone, I dont want socializations. Good thing, my baby did not get those bad things from my pregnancy. She's healthy now and is always in good and active mood. I hope you'll have a successful pregnancy too. Thanks for sharing.
@urzicutza (1972)
• Romania
19 Oct 12
thank you, i am glad to hear that you are ok and your baby is fine. well every women acct`s diferentlly in pregnancy, our hormones are crazy :))