Is introversion sign of depression?

October 19, 2012 2:00am CST
There could be times that I feel really social awkward. I am self -drowned at times that i'm totally looking silly in front of people. Is this a sign of depression? Do people have to suffer this scenarios because of a medical condition. help me out..Thanks
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@subhojit10 (7375)
• India
19 Oct 12
Thanks a ton for posting this discussion. I never think that people who are introvert are into any depression. It is just their normal nature and way to socialize with people. Yes there might be at times when we feel like not talking to anyone and are really depressed and that does not mean that we are introverts by nature. What say?
• Philippines
19 Oct 12
Thanks for your respons as well. Depression has a great factor to work too and dealing with collegues. If you dont feel like talking, its too hard to motivate oneself at work and worst is that people at the office might find you aloof and hard to get along with.
@katie0 (5203)
• Japan
21 Nov 12
No, introversion is a way some people are (which is even very charming and not very apreciated main stream, I don't know why). Depression is to be sad, and sad most of the times. When we loose someone it's okay to be down, some take months to be okay again and it's normal. A breakup could trigger it too. But to be sad longer than months shows lack of serotonine and one must seek for herbs, meditation and to talk to a psychologist when it continues to last.
@somupriti (353)
21 Nov 12
May be it is a beginning sign of depression. It is the normal attitude of a human being to be extrovert in nature to be more and more social. If oversensitiveness occurs without any valid reason with positive sign(like research orientation where people wants to keep their findings within them before speaking out them to maintain mental sanctity and concentration) then it might be a threat to depression.
@kiiw013 (102)
• Slovenia
23 Oct 12
Introversion is definitely not a sign of depression. If you naturally need periods of time alone, then this is the normal way your mind functions. However if deliberately spend time alone because you feel "unfit" around others, then that would be a sign of depression.