slimming tea that caused depression

October 19, 2012 3:02am CST
A few years ago I realized that I got out of shape cmpletely and that it was quite disturbing for me not getting used to a body twice heavier than my usual weight.It was a heavy load for me, then I decided to look for means to lose weight not compromising my extra time for work. My friend offered me this asian tea that I tried once. I took a whole sachet of it and mixed it to a half a cup of hot water. It was bitter at first but I managed to drank it. At first it was quite relaxing until I felt dizzy and feels like I want to end up my life. depression paved the way for me not to eat like two meals on that day. It was quite traumatic I think like I was about to feel like suicidal, hahha. I never took another sip of that tea again .
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• Philippines
7 Dec 12
really? i did not know that tea makes you depressed. i guess don't drink anything that you don't know off. I have bloopers once when i thought the tea i drank was for slimming, then i got stomach cramps all day and LBM. Turns out the tree i drank was labeled laxative! hahaha
• Canada
1 Nov 12
Wow, what kind of tea is that? I know there are a lot of slimming tea in the chinese grocery store. Never tried it. But I would say, look at the label. Some tea is just green tea, so it's good. I take green tea, sometime even green tea pills extract after eating fatty meals. I read that green tea is good for breaking the fat.
@Sir_bobby88 (8231)
• Singapore
20 Oct 12
Oh my god how could such a product exist, how did the government allow such a stuff to be sold in the market. I think you should try to report this to the authorities for further investigation.
@GemmaR (8517)
19 Oct 12
You should remember that if things sound too good to be true, such as weight loss aids, then they probably are. I have lost a lot of weight over the course of the past two years, and I have done that by simply eating a healthier diet and doing more exercise on a daily basis. This is something that I am proud of because it was hard work and has taken me a very long time indeed, but I am pleased that I never tried any kind of fad diet. You are much happier when you are eating well as healthy food means a healthy body and mind.