What activities do you enjoy most?

October 19, 2012 8:20am CST
THE POWER OF MOVIES I really enjoy watching movies. I really don't need to prepare much for this activity; but of course I need to rent DVDs first before I can get to watch one. I love watching movies because It feels like everytime Im watching movies I am taken into another dimension or into the movie itself. I can feel what the character is experiencing. When I'm sad and I watch a happy movie, I can feel happy again even just for a while. When I am lonely and I watch a movie about friendship then it feels like I have a lot of friends. When I am down and I watch an inspiring movie it feels like I am motivated again and I am back on track once again. Movies makes me happy. It makes me different person. I do have two friends who also enjoy watching movie. We watch movies together all the time. All types of movies as long as its good and interesting. There was a certain time when I was watching movie that I couldnt forget. It was a sad movie but not very sad there was a part that was very sad and I really cried because of it. My friend also cried and even that sad part was already finished she was still crying and couldnt get over it. I was really entertained looking at her and I laughed really hard. This activity really helped me a lot because it has made me a better person. The lesson from every movies Ive watched became a part of me and even I cant remember all of them those lessons and values made me into what I am now.
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20 Oct 12
Hello clouds0327 I like watching movie. If someone give me time of one day then I will watch movie whole day.Sometimes I spend my whole night by watching movie.I watch movies in exam also. I like mainly comedy,inspirational,action,historical movie.
@mariaperalta (19073)
• Mexico
19 Oct 12
I also love watching movies. I have a great time sitting on the couch after dinner with a cup of coffee. My problem is after 30 minutes of a dvd movie I fall asleep. Doesnt matter how good the movie is.