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October 19, 2012 9:25pm CST
HELLO RIENDS...good morning, I have just joined this site by the name of Gig Mall and they say that it is just like fiverr. well friends i was just curious to know that whether this site is real or not and has any of my friends are working at this site.Friends please do share your experience with me relating to this. thanx in advance. have a nice day
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@CatGods (4589)
• United States
20 Oct 12
I have no idea, I've never heard of them. But I usually try to find out about a site first before I join and not the other way around. But being that you have already joined, all you can do is list your gigs and give it a try.
• India
20 Oct 12
hello friend thanx for your response anyways. I am surely going to see what is actually there and how it works. thanx dear and have a nice day
@Manasha (2512)
• Pondicherry, India
20 Oct 12
It would be fine if we suggest some ideas and tips to this person who wants to know about a site instead of saying I DONT KNOW.
@UmiNoor (4372)
• Malaysia
20 Oct 12
This is the first time I've heard of this site. I've heard of Fiverr but I feel that Fiverr is too over-populated with offers that it's difficult to compete for tasks. I hope that your experience with this new site will be good.
• Philippines
20 Oct 12
I also haven't heard about Gig Mall, but I guess there is no hurt if you post your offers there. Anyway, how much does one seller offer their buyers in gig mall? In sellers offer $5 to buyers and they only get $4 because the $1 goes to the site owners which is just fair. With fiverr, I only had one buyer of my offer to play chess for an hour with them and then show them the lessons from the games we played. I had about 3 more of the buyers for this offer, but somehow they backed up because of schedule problems. I heard some fiverr members are earning full time in that site, so I think there is great potential to earn there if only we could find the right offers and ingenious ideas that would sell like hot cakes. Well maybe why not sell hot cakes for $5 if that is the case...hehe.
@jenny1015 (13374)
• Philippines
20 Oct 12
I have joined that site too but I have received any takes from my offer.