top considerations for travelling

October 22, 2012 7:49pm CST
I myself is a well traveled person however i do wonder what are your top considerations to consider that every penny of what you save for your travel plan is worth spending in that country or place?can you shared it with me too?for me i have to look for the place if i will enjoy what are the best places to be seen the food to be eat and the hotel where to stay and more or less for the u agree with me its better to go to places where u have a relatives or friends?what are the best places you visited please share it to me....
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@maezee (42168)
• United States
2 Nov 12
Money is always the biggest factor to consider for me considering how little of it I have. I usually try to pick places that I can find inexpensive flight/hotels to or a place where I can *visit* someone, AKA, have a place to stay so you don't have to pay for lodging.
@maximax8 (31068)
• United Kingdom
30 Oct 12
I am a very well traveled person and I have traveled to more than 60 different countries in the world. I save money to go traveling to the countries on my travel wish list. I compare the plane ticket costs and get the best price if I can. My disabled son is in a wheelchair and I also travel with my daughter. We like a ground floor room with place for three of four people. The room can have two double beds, three single beds or one double bed with one single bed. If the room isn't on the ground floor I like the accommodation to have a lift. Most of all I like guest houses and unusual accommodation. I stayed in a tree house in Belize.
@marguicha (205487)
• Chile
23 Oct 12
I like to go to warm places and once in a while I like to go to new places if I may. I doon`t try to visit relatives in general but I like to go with a friend. I love to go to any of the islands at the Caribbean: the weather is awesome and the sea is warm.
@alberello (4752)
• Italy
23 Oct 12
Well, I am Italian and to be honest, have been very few times that I have traveled out of my country. Only a negative memory from the year 2003 where I and a my friend, we went to Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), was a true bluff! I personally spent a lot of money for the flight and for the living room, in a bad neighborhood! I will not repeat that experience ever again. If I were to have other opportunities to travel, I go to a specific agency, where I already all-inclusive.