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@mikej143 (309)
October 24, 2012 4:32am CST
people are tend to love or either like those movies that are sensual even in sexuality it would be really big impact to those incoming generations I just can't imagine when my child grow and seen the TV's its just like a normal happening to kiss someone around the streets or even to have other affair in relationships to other. I just don't know that medias are full of these kind of show or even movies to be add. rather than to be informative than immorality kind of movies, yet its parental guidance but not all the times the parents could be in touch with the kids cause everywhere and anywhere their would be TV's and and media, if its not this kind of movie it would be horror. I mean that I don't against or etc of it but I think that they should also think of the others rather than the trending show's and movies of the people rather than to earn but also to get moral lesson from it. rather than to advertise every day its better to not, cause out of 100% of the population nowadays it would be teenage or children that could be influential to upcoming generation. Just thought of the day morality show's how liberated the people nowadays. how about you is it good? or not?
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