what should i do?

United States
October 26, 2012 1:36pm CST
what should i do if it is really hard to finda job, and i need money to put a downpayment on an appartment? I really need to move out of where am i, but i cant seem to find a job. so what would be the best way to get some money coming in, legally that is, so that i can get myself on my feet
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30 Oct 12
Dear Cody, Firstly am feel very sad about your condition, but if really need some money urgently, you can go through some ways exactly like as, Registering online survey sites.that is a very easy and trusted way, but remember don't sign-up in fake site, for that check out whole history of them. Registering a forex site, that can you invest you small money, in sites like hot forex and trade them, if you are in touch in ratings you can earn much more money in this area, i can guaranty say that, because i have earn more money in that way. Other things is register site like odesk, freelancer, elance if you have any skiils in computer work, any thing like typing, see the internet what should have to do in there, but here you have to wait bit longer, but if you get job and completed it successfully sure you have your money, there are no limits if you are perfect. Try these things out, any advises mail me in pola_dssc@yahoo.com
@tedifa (1232)
• Indonesia
30 Oct 12
Well,to get money urgently like that is difficult in here.Better you try to borrow first with your friends if this is really urgent.or you can sell your tools in your house that no use anymore.But if you wanna get online earning,you should start it from now,you can choose many sites that you like.maybe you can try to writing articles,focus in mylot,make some blogs,join with online investment,register with survey sites,and more.
@katie0 (5203)
• Japan
27 Oct 12
I'm sorry to hear that. Well continue to look for jobs, you are right, the thing is to look for legal stuff. You will find one day or another.
@BabyCheetah (1911)
• Australia
27 Oct 12
Well all you can do is keep trying to apply for places that will take you on board. Another way whilst you wait is to volunteer and maybe after a while they might give you some paid work if your'e good. That happened to me once. As for online you will not make enough money for a downpayment very quickly. You can also do a few online things to earn whilst you look for a proper job though if that's what you want to do. MyLot is one good way to earn a bit of extra money
@mydanods (6513)
• Nigeria
29 Oct 12
as everyone has come to earn, it is not easy to earn online. if you do not yet have a job, keep searching. if you are really desperate to leave where you are, then you have to go into debt. either that, or you endure and stay where you are and keep searching for a job.
• Cairo, Egypt
27 Oct 12
you can try forex to earn more cash , easy to do ^_^
@stragerx (64)
• United Arab Emirates
26 Oct 12
well it depends , but you are using money from an online source which may not give you that number you are imagining , except if you are lucky you can be one of the richest people because an online source. looking for a living you need to work offline as a real job. that's my tip and happy mylotting.
26 Oct 12
There ways to earn online but I don't think we can earn thousands of dollars until and unless we have great multitasking skills. However, You can work on freelance sites if you can and earn some bucks for survival. As you are from US, there so many sites for you to work. All the best.