Super Cyclone hit our state on this day.. 13 years back..

October 29, 2012 8:34am CST
Hey guys, a deadly cyclone hit our state Orissa 13years ago on this day and such was its intensity that it was the deadliest Indian storm since 1971 that claimed more than 15000 lives. I still remember that i was barely 9 years of age then and we had no power supply, no water supply and no communication even for 7 days. We were all terrified and were praying constantly at that time. More than 80 villages were affected and it was so painful to see that the houses of more than 10000 people were destroyed and they had no food, shelter and living during such a devastating stage. The memories are still alive and it hurts me even more when i see videos on TV on how there are many families who are still crying for their lost families and are yet to receive any help from the Govt. What are your thoughts regarding this? U had ever come across such situation? Please share your thoughts!
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