Important Election Reminder

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October 29, 2012 10:12am CST
Politics is a tricky sport, and when it comes to elections, words or directives can be intentionally worded so as to sway the voter in a particular direction the voter may not have intended. Therefore, I will be stating a little reminder for you during this election time. Some people are saying this Election 2012 is an election about dominance - about whether we will be moving forward or be taken backwards in time. Thus, make sure you get out and cast your vote: Your vote just maybe the vote that is needed to get movers and shakers of our time to move and shake things. Election Reminder: 1). Be informed the voting ticket given to you to take to the voting booth has a 30 minutes lifespan before usage (though it has unlimited time during voting): Meaning you have to start using that ticket within 30 minutes upon receiving it, else your vote would be void. 2). Your voting ticket should not be given to you untill you are about to step into the voting booth. Anyone handing out voting ticket to people in long lines is acting inappropriately, and is out to manipulate voting results by causing your vote to be voided. 3). If you vote straight party ticket: DO NOT thereafter select a specific person, else the selected person will be cancelled: Meaning, you would have missed voting for that particular person. 4). While Voting: DO NOT exit voting booth until you have received a THANK YOU message and have seen a WAVING FLAG; else your vote is incomplete and void. 5). If you are a Registered Voter in Texas: a. All you need to vote in this 2012 election is your voter registration card. b. If you cannot find your voter registration card, then you will need a government issued photo ID at the voting poll in order to vote. Anyone asking you for two (2) forms of picture ID is acting unlawfully and you should call (713)368-2000 or better yet Texas State Representative Borris Miles (713)355-8331. 6). Voting in Harris County, Texas, is from 7AM - 7PM. In Fort Bend County, Texas, voting is from 8AM - 5PM. Call Voter Registration Office, Harris County, Texas - 713-368-2000 Call Voter Registration Office, Fort Bend County, Texas - 281-342-3411 7). Be sure to vote for more republicans in family courts to help ascertain parental responsibility in society - MY EMPHASIS. 8). Be sure to vote for more democrats in criminal courts to help ascertain JUSTICE prevails in society - MY EMPHASIS. If you are a registered voter, vote. "Get out and cast your vote to protect your voting rights or you just may lose it; since amendments are not always implemented," says US Congressman Al Green from Houston, Texas.
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@oneidmnster (1387)
• United States
30 Oct 12
This is very good information. Thank you.
• United States
29 Oct 12
Nice PSA I applaud you're effort. I also see you're state hasn't voted Democrat since 1972. Better than mine which hasn't done so since 1964. That and the fact that my registration disappeared is why I won't be voting this year.