alone and you think of them

October 29, 2012 12:44pm CST
imagine the time you are excited to see the world and your still in the womb of your mother while she is about to die due to pain of labor..her face while touching her belly and her back.. she is screaming because of pain,, she is shouting and asking for help.. think of the time how happy they are (mother and father) when finally you were born.. and when you are crying so loud during your infancy visualize their panic face because they do not know what to do.. and when you go to school imagine your father to give you a ride and then kisses you.. think of the moment when your mother is washing your clothes because you don't have nothing to wear for tomorrow's event.. look at her cooking for your breakfast while cleaning the house imagine your father working hard just to give you allowances and send you to school remember them how tired are them but still manages to cuddle you.. now, i grew up and change a lot.. i am no longer my parent's baby.. i am now starting to pay their hardship thru helping them financially,,,.. its been a couple of weeks when i went here (KSA) because i need to work here in order for me to have more salary.....and........i miss my parents so much because i am thousand miles away from them.. to all out there do you miss them too..???
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