How much do you pay for internet?

@codris (783)
October 29, 2012 6:10pm CST
Hi there people, i stay on internet about two hours every day, it's not much time i know, but my internet plan is very convenient, 20 euro every month, and i pay every two months, with it i can use internet 24 hours every day with unlimited ammount of data i can download. what about you? how much do you pay for your internet connection?
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22 Nov 12
will we are monthly bases, even you will doing 24/7 online still fix 90$ a month
• Indonesia
10 Nov 12
In my country, many option to choice internet provider. They gave various internet price. There are cheap payment and expensive payment. It depends what we need and what internet speed we need. Every month I spent more than $15 for internet connection, some times I have pay more. But there is no problem
@surekharathi (14148)
• India
7 Nov 12
My Internet fees is also convenient only 150 rs. per month because this facility is only for town and in Reliance net.
• Philippines
5 Nov 12
Well, we have computer and laptop at home but it's on prepaid. So our average expenses for our internet service is around 350 a month or roughly around $9 only besides we rarely use the internet at home, it's only when my siblings need to research on a project.
@drannhh (15241)
• United States
30 Oct 12
I use my connection a lot and it is unlimited at $70 USD per month, which is between 50 and 60 euros, I think. I need portable wireless so I can take the little plug that that is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand out of the USB port and plug it in anywhere that I go. In addition to that, I pay for unlimited data on my smart phones. I am usually online more that two hours every day, but once in a while (very rarely!) I don't log on at the computer. Every day for sure I do log on with my phone, though.
• Philippines
30 Oct 12
hi! access to internet is a must in some of the work that i do because i do a lot of online communications, research etc. our internet plan provides unlimited access 24/7 for about 32 usd or a little over 24 euros each month. it is also packaged with free access to local calls in our city and province. i rarely use that feature though because we do have mobile phones. i have my home office where i do my home-based business (product center) and our consultancy work (another business). we have the wi-fi set-up to make it convenient to access the net anywhere at home.
• Indonesia
30 Oct 12
hi.. i usually utilize internet at my office even its access speed relative slows, but it is no matter for me. i have USB's modem too, that i have utilize for surfing while beyond of my office.. i have pay 5-10 euro every month for my usb's modem