life should be colourful

October 30, 2012 2:27am CST
when i was a child,i hope i can grow up quickly.because adult have more freedom than child.they can eat whatever they want to eat,they can go out to play wherever they want go.but now,i don;t think so,adult have more i am old enough to support myself.i can not self-willed liking i am still a makes me so tired.
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@estremms (324)
• Philippines
30 Oct 12
Same here when I was a child I also thought that it would be a wonderful thing if I wake up an adult already. But now that I am, I want to be a child again if I can and just enjoy my childhood more before becoming an adult. Adults have a lot of responsibility and a lot of things to think and take care of.
@GemmaR (8517)
30 Oct 12
I do agree that life should be this way. I always feel sorry for the people when the only thing that they're living for is going to work and then coming home again, as this is no way to live at all. I am the type of person who always needs something to look forward to and if this isn't the case then I am simply not able to motivate myself to carry on during the course of the day. You should always have goals in life that you would like to achieve, and make sure that you do everything that you can to allow you to achieve these goals.
@HeartROB (434)
• Philippines
30 Oct 12
Same here, when i was young I really wanted to grow up so fast. But now, now that I am an adult already, I envy those kids that I saw. Just living their lives carelessly, nothing to worry about. They just play, eat, sleep. Being an adult takes so much responsibility. But then, we are an adult now. What we can do? We can't just turn back time. Now that we are an adult, even though it could be so difficult being one. We just have to enjoy each moment that we have. We could live like a child anytime, think like them. Let's enjoy each moment that we have. We don't need to dwell always about the things on being an adult. We could color our lives. We are the own painter of our lives. We can color our lives anytime that we want, if we just know how to live with it. Have a nice day my friend, bring color to the people that surrounds you.
@subhojit10 (7375)
• India
30 Oct 12
Thanks a ton for posting this discussion. Well yes u are absolutely right, when we are a child we always envy the freedom enjoyed by the adolescents and we feel like if we were in their stage. But i think the reality is something different. Responsibilities increase with an increase in age and we should always realize the fact that nothing can beat our childhood days which were carefree and fun filled days. What say?
@seliokas (346)
• Lithuania
30 Oct 12
Hello my friend. Yes, you now understand that the life we live is hard, so we should enjoy every single moment of our lives. If you feel unhappy, go out with your friends, have fun, i know, I'm always tired of being dad, of working.