United States
November 5, 2012 8:28pm CST
Okay guys, I've decided to clear this up once and for all. Of all the PTC sites I have experienced, and I have experienced a lot, all of them have been a big waste of time. Many people go to PTC sites thinking that they can "get rich quick" (or should I say "get rich click"), but sadly, that is not the case. Most PTC sites offer low payments, think $0.002 per click. They may offer a $5 signup bonus, but to reach the payout threshold, you need to be a devoted follower for several months, even years. Next, the spam. When you give these sites your email, your account often devolves into a virtual pile of junk mail, advertising even more get rich quick schemes. Finally, these sites are often unreliable. Just look at one ptc site I participated in. This site used to be a PTC site, but it has now changed to a parked domain. Oh yeah. Finally, the creepiness. It seems like half the sites have the name bux after them. Onbux, neobux, teabux, etc. Is it just me or is this a big scam possibly? Oh wait, there's more. The referral system on these sites can seem like the only way to earn money on these sites. Often these sites may pressure you to refer friends because of the 25% bonus on their earnings that you get, and it puts you in a frenzy to attract more refferals. Dont get me wrong, I am a big fan of earning money online. But I just think there are better ways to do so. I would loved to be proved wrong though. If someone can find me a PTC site that provides reasonable earnings and an abundance of opportunities, I will be your number one refferral. And if there are any other money making sites that have worked for you, post those here also.
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• India
6 Nov 12
As i understood, you need some moneymaking websites. But sadly, there is no website that can make you some reasonable amount per month. They are waste of time and spams your inbox which you already know. But i think creating a blog will make you a lot when it gets popularity.