Friendships truth.

United States
November 10, 2012 1:57pm CST
When the sun of the friendship seems to set behind the mountain, you seem to wonder why you are so close in friendship. If you could see the moments from a distance each moment you wu will enjoy. Everyone has a way of loving their friends differently how about you? What is it that attract you to your friend that you care for so much? Have you ever betrayed someone that you called friend and if you did how did you forgive yourself let alone how did they forgive you? Could you look someone in the eye and tell the truth, or could you look the other way afraid to admit the truth. Is there something that is leaking inside that you want to share or is it the fact that you forgot about it and don't care. How many of you guys have ever been the motions of friendship?
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@dfollin (23937)
• United States
10 Nov 12
Hi walking2010,It depends on what type of friend that they are as to how I act towards them.And then how they treat me on how I will continue to act towards them later.For example I have had so-called friends lie to me,cheat me,steal from him (including my boyfriend),deceive me and talk behind my back.Then I won't be as kind to them anymore. It also depends on how I know the person.Like I hug people and act a little less openly to people that I know from church and not as openly to business associates.Where as if it is a neighbor or co worker that is about my age.
• United States
21 Nov 12
I understand where you are coming from, having different people in your life can turn your world upside down, that is why I have a certain amount of friends in my life.
@natliegleb (5175)
• India
11 Nov 12
Always i believe in friendship and the hard earned truth for sure and its quite vital and i think one can share a good personality with it
@jenny1015 (13366)
• Philippines
11 Nov 12
We make friends to those people that interests us with the personality they have. They could be just like the way we are or the exact opposite. The exact reason of liking a friend could be just probably being yourself and not ashamed of whatever your friend might think about you. I have not really hurt a friend coz I try not to do things that will surely upset them. If I do have something to tell them which i think would somehow hurt them, I try the best can to explain it well so that we could avoid having misunderstandings.
• Philippines
11 Nov 12
In my own opinion, it would be better if we try not to keep secrets with our true friends. Sometimes, it's okay to keep it with ourselves but sometimes we also need other people opinion but what should we do or not. We can accept that our friends can also be part of our family. All we need for our friendship is trust like in relationships. Trust is the important value that we need. In our friendship with my best friend, there were this one time that we have a misunderstanding but it takes days before we forgive each other. We made our open forum after our class and talk about what we did not understand. Now, our friendship is still ongoing and still strong.
@ungu89 (1999)
• Malaysia
11 Nov 12
i think i have betray my friend once. its when i was in high school. she had this crush on this guy. but she really shy and scared if that guy only what to hurt her heart. so she give me that guy phone number. she ask me to test this guy. but somehow, end up i couple with this guy. maybe its a bad decision i took. i just make it for 3 month only. lucky that my friend not so mad at me. for me i just like vengeance on my faults