If people don't even ask you for your Facebook

@sergedan (767)
November 12, 2012 5:09am CST
If people you met, class mates or co-workers don't ask your about your facebook or phone number, do you think it means it's not worth investing time in your friendship?
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@akagami (250)
• Indonesia
13 Nov 12
of course not cause there are my friend who i meet him everyday and talk but i don,t know about what his name on facebook i think it,s not important to ask such a thing to my friend cause usuualy i ask them what is your FB and phone number.
@doroffee (4223)
• Hungary
12 Nov 12
Well, it depends. There might be some people who feel an aversion to modern technology. Or people who wait until they feel that this friendship is gonna last for a long time, maybe because they've been betrayed, to give out personal info like that. But if you see that the person is only talking to you whilst work and never ever tries to talk about programs or doesn't seem interested in making programs with you, it's usually because they don't want friends or you as a friend, but just someone to talk to in class/workplace, because they would be bored. People should be able to read from body language and reactions in general.
• Philippines
12 Nov 12
It doesn't really mean anything to me. It depends on the approach, in my opinion. If you brought up Facebook in a conversation and asked if you can add them, they'd probably give you their email for you to do the invite. You'll know if they don't really wanna add you up is when they don't confirm you as friend. I've confirmed some people I didn't really wanna add up and I've deleted them after some time. I don't really like reading non sense on my news feed, that's why.
12 Nov 12
Well for people that may see you everyday that may be their reason for not asking about your facebook. It could also be a case of they dont use facebook at all / often and just never bother with it. Alot of people I know are bored of facebook and slowly leaving it so I wouldn't let it bother you and instead just forget it and stay friends none the less
• Philippines
12 Nov 12
Well, personally, I dont think being friends in Facebook should be the basis whether or not it is worth investing time and effort in your friendship. i have a couple of real friends that doesn't have any Facebook account But, maybe if you asked for their number or their facebook email and they didn't give it to you, you might wanna ask them why.
@fatlex06 (895)
• Philippines
12 Nov 12
No, not at all. Facebook doesn't have something to do with my real friends offline. Even if they add me or not they will still be my friends no matter what. Normally, if my friend don't ask for my phone number and I want to keep in touch with them, I myself ask it to them.