Does sumixs really pay?

November 13, 2012 2:34am CST
I found in google this when i was looking for survey sites that pay. So according to this site, they pay $9 for every survey you finish compose of 9 questions. You're are going to watch first a 30sec video of a product and then you do the survey. In a day you can do a maximum of 3 survey so that's $27. They will also pay $11 for every person you recruit and you get 23% share in their earnings as a commission. So does anyone of you know this site or got paid already?? I'm currently trying it out and want to know if I will really get paid?? Thanks!! :)
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28 Nov 12
I also think its a bit too good to be true - very high payouts for surveys - very suspect. I have just been introduced and trying it out but now after reading all these comments I wonder ?
7 Dec 12
Has anyone one had any success with Sumixs?
• Bulgaria
20 Dec 12
Today i reached $1200 and nothing happened so far. I'll keep waiting as it says: "The application was created. Please wait..." but if nothing happens until the end of January 2013, i'll blow the whistle everywhere I can.
• South Africa
16 Jan 13
I reached $1200 on 28 December and request payout - say the same - the application was creaed. Please wait - is there anyting a person can do?
@syoti20 (5293)
• Philippines
21 Nov 12
Hello neil_tokitz, I smell scam on the site. The pay out is really high. I check out the FAQ and I didn't like it. Here what they said.. " What are the conditions of getting money? Current period of pay out – the previous month. So you can get your money in working hours (GMT), include the previous month. The application presents automatically when you have $1200 on your account." Source:
• United States
27 Nov 12
did anyone reach the $1200 mark and get paid?
@syoti20 (5293)
• Philippines
12 Dec 12
I wont waste my time to reach that amount.
@somupriti (353)
14 Nov 12
I have less idea about this site but I can't assured on a site paying $9 for answering 9 question and $11 for each referral. Just check at their payment method and threshold whether and how they pay. I am in doubt?
• Philippines
15 Nov 12
Nevermind that site my friend. It's a SCAM! haha XD I really doubt it from the start but I try it anyway, it don't have any fee anyway. But I read a forum about that sumix saying it might be one of those scam site targeting my paypal account. _
• India
13 Nov 12
When checking I looked at many factors, such as the ownership details, location, popularity and other sites relating to reviews etc.this site has a high risk associated with it.I dont think this site is 100% secure.