Is there a way to fight depression

November 15, 2012 6:27am CST
Winter is the season when people often depressed How can we avoid There are many ways that We as listening to your favorite music when you are sad Scientifically proven that music when enhances happiness Some experts advise to eat more fish But perhaps the most important thing is to have positive thinking
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• Bulgaria
27 Apr 13
Actually, the seasons have no influence for our mood. Having a positive thinking is the only way to be happy and the smile. Never stop smiling - it helps a lot!
@phoenix8606 (4942)
25 Apr 13
Depression is a very bad thing,you must have a positive thinking and you will fight it.Life is good, enjoy it and do not think about unpleasant things, so you will avoid the depression, so I do.
@ungu89 (1999)
• Malaysia
15 Nov 12
depress what can i tell, when someone is depress, of course there is something happen in their life that make the depression come along. what a person can do is try the best to face it, solve it not just run away from it.
@quieley (316)
• Philippines
24 Mar 13
each of us has different ways to relieve depression. In my case, I eat. Specially if headache strikes because of a terrible problem, I ate a ice cream. But that is my way. I think the best ways to solve depression are: go outside the house, get some fresh air outside, appreciate the beauty of nature, talk to a friend, and think that you cannot undo the past or the cause of your depression, but you can always do better things about the future. Life is to short. Don't dwell in your problems. Enjoy!
• Philippines
15 Nov 12
Yes you're right, one way is to listen to your favorite music. Another would be watching TV, it's a stress reliever specially funny show. You knows what's the best stress reliever? Of course mylot, just keep on posting here and you'll find yourself relaxing with everyone's story and sharing. Also you're earning. :)