Love comes and goes..

November 15, 2012 1:01pm CST
Things are possible when you're with God. Faith and love is the only way to have it. I saw a movie and i find it so amazing, tearing and fantastic. Our brain was made to think, act what to do. Our heart was made to love. In that movie, the man and woman both in-love with each other and an accident was happened. Well, the woman had a hard time to remember past especially the man he loved most. The man did all just to regain the memory for the woman he loved most but unfortunately he failed. Though the woman was unable to regain her memory but still she have chances to make another one and to make out of it. And the strongest and bravest man ever made is that its not actually how he can carry those heavy big things and how big those muscles are but how he can handle things, never surrender and how he can accept it without doubts. God made it so easy, it a the matter how we accept it and how we can handle it.
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