A thinker with less confident

@kearkear (259)
November 19, 2012 10:41pm CST
My friend always tells me to be confident and don't see other as doing better than you. Beat your own records daily because success is a fight between you and yourself. It is indeed true. Maybe in some point in our lives we come to the point that we surrender. But as time passes by we become strong and more confident.
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@Ray_Cai (22)
• China
14 Dec 12
I searched this word " condifence" on mylot, and then I was captured by your title. Still, I am confused about the title. But I am in favor of what you wrote down. It inspire me a lot when I go astray towards what I do. Yeah, do what you really love and dont settle from others views.
@jeztrose (1405)
• Philippines
20 Nov 12
Being confident really helps you in many ways. There are times that even though you don't have that much knowledge or skills but being just confident to your self will put you to success. Always believe that you can and it will be.When confident and determinations comes together you will surely be successful someday. It will take time i guess, you will encounter many trials but just continue what you have started and you will get there.
@natliegleb (5182)
• India
20 Nov 12
i think he wont be able to think with ease and would ideally lose all his concentration and focus and its always better to think well with pride and vanity to be strong always for sure