Do you believe in MIRACLES?

November 21, 2012 9:23pm CST
Miracle, as the dictionary defines is a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be divine. A highly improbable or extraordinary event, development or accomplishment. Some believe in miracles because it's the one thing left to believe into. Some believe because it's unbelievable. If a person heals someone's severe illness, we says it's miraculous. Some people die wishing they witness miracle in their time, some people choose not to believe in miracles because they think of themselves being great, because they want to believe on the things they can touch and see. Some people even waste their time to research explanation that oppose miracles. Some view miracle as a rare event. But don't we realize that miracles happen everyday. Have we ever asked ourselves, how does the earth never moved a bit from its place, why does the sun keep on shining? Us waking up everyday is a miracle, to be able to see the earth made creatively by the Almighty, to be able to breathe and to be happy. Don't you find it miraculous that our body is intelligently designed where each part plays a vital role. It's a miracle women can conceive, trees bear fruit. Have you ever experienced being so problematic and before you know it, it's been solved? When you thought there's no way out and boom you're done. These may not be rare but they are extraordinary and no person, even the greatest one, can ever make them like God. Now do you believe in miracles?
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• China
6 Dec 12
Miracles as you have described happen accidentally. In mind miricals are just incidents that take place under a small rate. Maybe the rate is close to zero, but there is also a chance to happen. People also pray for the God when they are trapped in severe trouble. What they pray for is called the miracle. We are intended to believe in miracles to happen because we are still keeping our hope. I think such belief are under subconsciousness, for we can't wait to recover as soon as possible. As for me, i choose to believe in miracles, which will bring me hopes and remain my energy to strive for it. Otherwise, you will totally lose yourself when you bury yourself in the darkness. Whether the miracle will come ture or not, we always need to be positive in the downturn of life.
• United States
23 Nov 12
I definitely believe in miracles because I have seen my fair share of them. I am sad that some people believe and believe for a miracle and the miracle never happens. This can sometimes make them bitter and cause them to choose to be an enemy of G-d. The creation is a miracle and the reproduction of human, animal, and plant is miraculous. When G-d heals someone, or even when the body repairs itself, and the person becomes whole again, this is often seen by some a miraculous. But I am of the opinion that when the truly miraculous happens that even those who are arrogant are not able to deny it happened.