why does this always happen?

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November 23, 2012 11:55pm CST
i havent been on in a while. my fiance, my mother and i moved back to ny on very short notice after my landlord came in and freaked out on me for falling down the stairs. with no place to go we had some friends offer us a place to stay knowing that we had to leave our jobs and everything else to come back up. my dad loaned me 440 dollars to buy a car, it needs new breaklines and i didnt have any money to put it on the road right away. my fiance took a job with one of my dads friends for a few days to make some quick cash. he made 150...just enough to get the break lines and put my car on the road. well tonight our friends boyfriend told us that we need to give him 100 dollars. now i dont have the money to put my car on the road.... this is a problem because i got a part time job making 7.50 an hour 28 hours a week. i need a way back and forth to work 17 miles away. without my car i have to pay gas for them to give me a ride back and forth... and they want almost $30-$40 a day to do it. i dont get paid for 3 weeks and the other thing i found out today is that they now want me to give them $50 a week...TO STAY IN A CAMPER IN THEIR YARD! thats 200 a month... im only making like 700 a month at this job. so anyway by the time i get paid i will owe them $150... i will be lucky to make that much and that leaves me nothing to get my car on the road... its a never ending cycle and the idea of us staying here was so that we could pay people back the money we owe them and save to get an apartment...I CANT DO THAT WITH THEM RAPING US FOR EVERY CENT WE MAKE. and we have no where else to go. i just dont know what to do. im looking for a second job even though with all my health problems i am having trouble already with this one. the state deemed me disabled but because i missed an appointment (having no car) they told me i would have to reapply and i cant afford to reapply and wait 6 or more months until i get accepted again so i have to fight through my disability's and work. on top of working and helping my father cut wood or whatever to help work off what i owe him i have to run around their house (even though i live in a camper) and pick up after them. SERIOUSLY they dont know how to pick up after themselfs at all.... they get a cup of coffee and even though they have to walk right past the fridge to go sit down they leave the milk out on the counter... everytime they get a drink they use a diffrent glass and just leave it laying around... just in the amount of cleaning i do around here it should work off us staying in the camper. our friend rents her house, the rent is only $500 dollars a month and with all the other bills she still only pays about $650 a month. she is on disability and makes $600 a month, she has her boyfriend living with her who makes around $1300 a month, her father lives with her and gets $700 a month in unemployment, then she has her brother who gives her $200 a month, 2 of her boyfriends friends 1 gives her $400 a month and the other she doesnt ask for anything. add that up... it comes out to $3,200 a month so she really doesnt need anything from us. add us onto that she is making $3,400 a month. the bills for the house...$650 her car insurance...$50, and thats all she pays. THAT MEANS SHE IS MAKING OUT WITH $2,700 A MONTH, thats over $34,000 a year.... yet she is leaving her "friends" screwed over majorly. i would rather be on the street then dealing with this anymore im just going crazy and at this rate we are never going to get out. advice?????
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@kingparker (9675)
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28 Nov 12
Wow, after I read your post, it sounds like similar to one of my friend, who disappear for while, I hope that he okay. He also living through paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes I help him out for food, and he never pay me back. I was okay with that. My advice for you, try your best to get a second job or something, so you can make some money, and get yourself a nice apartment, and a stable lifestyle. Start saving is the key. I hope that you can do well.