My Blogsite is not making money Guys and Ladies.

November 24, 2012 7:31am CST
People out thier what can i do to make my blogs make money,because all ads are their but no money coming.
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@TeamCholent (2832)
• United States
25 Nov 12
Well without traffic coming to your blog it is going to be very difficult for you to get income from a blog. The fact you are blogging for money in itself is not a positive sign until you have learned about SEO and such. If I was you I would focus on creating an easy blog to use, one with good quality content and also heavy traffic coming in all the time.
@Arieles (2473)
• United States
25 Nov 12
Yes, you want to create a traffic flow to your blog. Find other blogs with similarities , be a friend, make some friends, comment on them and make sure your comments are relevant to the topic being discussed. Post photos, people like to look at pictures and make sure the content on your blog is something you are passionate about.
@swats89 (1729)
• India
24 Nov 12
Hello. Earn money by writing requires hardwork and patience. Don't think that overnight you will get $100 from your blog. Just wait till your blog is 6 months old. Then you can see some money rolling in your account. Add content frequently and promote your blog. Cheers.
• Bangladesh
24 Nov 12
Make sure that your blog has tasty stuff and then promote it.
@tech40 (23144)
• Philippines
24 Nov 12
Hi buddy, welcome to MyLot, I prefer to you to use the SEARCH DISCUSSION, it works well, I'm preferring you to use it because there's so many articles that was made here regarding on how to earn though blog sites, Views aren't equivalent to ratio 1 : $$ cos sometimes the ratio on some sites are, 100 : $$$ just make sure that your page gain legit viewers + good niche to attract more viewers, the tier 1 countries pays you more than other tiers,