Honey the only one!

United Arab Emirates
November 24, 2012 10:31am CST
I have used honey a lot!it has thousands of benefits,i don't think there is any substitute for it,breakfast,medicine for cough,cure for runny nose etc,its really good for our health. i love the taste of it,in addition there is no side effect what so ever,The most effective natural product i have ever seen in my life,what do you guys think?how do you people use it?
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• India
30 Dec 12
I agree with you that honey has many benefits and in my family we always use honey instead of sugar where ever applicable but my worry is how to get pure honey.How can I know the honey I brought is pure or adulterated.Do you know any method that really works to test the genuity of honey.I know some methods but its not really working.
@Mavic123456 (21981)
• Thailand
25 Nov 12
Indeed honey (authentic ones) really gives a lot of health and beauty benefits. There has been a lot of studies conducted to validate the health benefits of honey. For more information you can check this link. www.benefits-of-honey.com/health-benefits-of-honey.html. As for me, I call my boyfriend "honey".
@doroffee (4223)
• Hungary
24 Nov 12
Me... well, I don't use it, because I'm allergic to pollen, unfortunately. Which is a bad thing, as I love sweet things, so I have to use sugar or saccharine anytime I want to make a sweet treat or want to sweeten my tea, and those are not really healthy.
@subhojit10 (7375)
• India
24 Nov 12
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Yeah u are absolutely right, honey is very much healthy and beneficial for our body especially because of its many advantages. Firstly it can taken with food that enhances its tastes than before. u can take it when u are having consistent cough and it helps in curing it also. Besides it can be taken in addition with a medicine also. So much advantages and hence we should include it in our diet on a daily basis. What say?