I love my mother

November 25, 2012 7:19am CST
My mother was married when she was only 16 years old. No wonder we were 9 now, supposed to be 10, unluckily my brother died due to drowning when he was a toddler. We belong to a family of farmers. The thing is, I admire how my mother handled us all! Imagine how my mother managed her time: waking up early to cook breakfast, take care of children and baby, gather commercial crops in the farm to sell in the market, from market- go home and cook lunch, send food to my father in the farm pasturing domesticated ducks and farm cropping, wash clothes, clean house and so forth & so on with no helpers to depend on.Oh, how tiring! My mother is a very thrifty woman. She doesn't waste anything that can be valuable in the future. She also saves penny for future purposes. She may nag, but she makes you think and act as a better person. I admire her disposition even though she didn't have higher educational attainment. She is a woman of dignity. Because of her, we learned to be independent and do what we can do uplift our lives. Yes, we all grew as responsible human being. I love my mother!
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@Hrozean (116)
• United States
26 Nov 12
Your story about your mother is inspiring. I am attempting to let myself be a stay at home mom to take care of my two young boys and go to school. I personally am afraid of losing my mind taking care of two rambunctious boys what I can do to keep them occupied and stimulated. But also to make sure I am also teaching my children to be independent and productive members of society. Not that my mother wasn't inspiring she raised my brother and I while going to school but my mother had some help and my brother and I weren't really all that rambunctious.
28 Nov 12
Don't be discouraged. We are raised maybe in different setting, but what is important is that the values that was passed to us by our parents. Your kids were born on another generation, so it depends on you on how you will also pass to them what you learned from your mother.Actually, you are doing great. Kids will learn alot if you give them responsibilities, this will give them a sense of discipline and restrictions. Life is all about learning.Keep on learning each day!
@Cutie18f (9551)
• Philippines
25 Nov 12
I can very well guess that we belong to the same country. Everything you mentioned there echoes of how many of our people in our country are living in such simple and hardworking life. Your mother raised you well.
28 Nov 12
Thanks cutie! What we attained in life simply shows how much our mother sacrificed for us to make us a better person. Thanks.
@ZoeJoy (1393)
• United States
19 Dec 12
How wonderful that not only that you have a mother who has good qualities and is lovingly committed to her family but that you recognize those qualities and the love of your mother. Some children, especially when they get to be teenagers and young adults don't always appreciate their parents. It doesn't take a college education to be a person of good quality and integrity. Give your mom a hug for me. And take care of her. She deserves it.
• Indonesia
18 Feb 13
A mother should always be loved because he is everything to me. Life Mother, always the spirit