Never ending war (Afghanistan)

United Arab Emirates
November 25, 2012 10:12am CST
It has been so long now,when ever i turn on my TV i just see the news about war in Afghanistan,just dont get it whats going on in there,why are many countries involved in its issue?Why is American army still there,why there is no peace in there?,and why Afghanis are involved in almost every terrorism act all around the world,Why are they using their religion to show people that what they are doing is right according to their thinkings,I think it should end now,there are many other problems in the world which we need to adress,hunger,disease,natural calamities etc,whats the use of wasting time on these silly issues! What do you people think?
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@WakeUpKitty (8694)
• Netherlands
25 Nov 12
If it comes to terrorism acts I seldom hear the name of Afghanis. I do agree with you that this war is never ending and most of us (all over the world) will not know exactly anymore what is going on. What they are fighting for. I think even they do not know it anymore. At a certain point you get used to fight, to see the enemy not to ask questions anymore. Personaly I find it a waste of time but also money to go over their and help out. Why? There is nothing to help and the people in our own country deserve help also. This besides of the fact those people don't even know what freedom means. If that war would ever end and they have a new government they will start again. They have no faith in what they believe, in their god, in the fact that their god will deal will those who don't believe in him (or whatever). Their behaviour already says enough. I think the USA army stays over there because they forced and dragged so many countries into it as well. Pulling back now would be a sign (according to them/well the president) that they made mistakes, they did waste money they could have used for their own people. I know the people of my country do have many questions about that but our government prefers to ignore these questions and come with low/cheap excuses why we did help out blah blah blah. I think everybody who does not belong in that country should leave. Let them fight their own war so it will come to an end.
@AkamaruKei (5219)
• Malaysia
25 Nov 12
I hope all country get peace. I very hate war. I feel sad when i see a kid and woman become victim. Why human like to use violence and kill each other. It look like we are same like animal. Animal fight each other because they dont have mind but human have a mind they can think what is good and bad. Animal fight each other but they not destroy the world like human.
@subhojit10 (7375)
• India
25 Nov 12
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. I completely agree with u on this that even i am very much disappointed and tired of listening to news of violence and constant unrest in Afghanistan. It seems as if peace wont be restored in this country ever in the future. I hope that the situation changes in the future so that their local people are given more freedom. Even the local people have the right to live freely and do whatever they want. What say?
@McCreeper (777)
• United States
25 Nov 12
If I'm not mistaken by my U.S history class, Bush pre-emptively went to war in an attempt "to fight terrorism". This in turn with poor interpretation led to a strange belief that Muslims are "evil". They are silly issues, indeed, but I really think that people need to stop fighting over one another on religion. I wonder if they ever had an argument over " what Ice cream flavor they is their favorite of all time", it would be the same because as far as I know, that' exactly what they are fighting for; the exchange of opinion.
• Romania
25 Nov 12
Yeah,it should definitely stop because to many people are killed there they also kill they own citizens if they are not respecting the religion