Sims 2 and Windows 8

United States
November 26, 2012 4:23pm CST
I've been having issues with Sims 2 ever since I upgraded to Windows 8. I would actually consider it a downgrade because I'm now limited. Sims 2 CAS freezes up and the game stops. The problem wasn't happening on Windows 7 on this same computer. I have tried compatibility mode and the same thing happened. I have found that it helps somewhat to lower the screen resolution, but eventually there is still an issue with the freezing. Hoping someone here has had and possibly fixed this problem.
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• Indonesia
31 Dec 12
The best solution is to reinstall your computer to windows XP. The appearance is quite old, but you can still modify it so it will looks like Win7 or Win8. The winXP is better for gamer because it simple. Your computer will be faster than before.
@weye13 (114)
• Philippines
6 Dec 12
I think this is because some of the older programs and games are incompatible with Windows 8. And EA won't release any patches on an old game, you can either downgrade your OS or as the other myLotter said, upgrade to Sims 3. Or you can try another work around which is to run Windows XP in Windows 8. Try searching for the article on Good luck!
• Calgary, Alberta
27 Nov 12
I think its about time to go with sims 3, I use to hate sims 3 but after all that expansions and mods, it runs faster than sims 2 now. As long as you wont hoard much custom content and you know the right mods, sims 3 is actually fun and works well. I think the solution I can give you for your sims 2 game is to set your graphics to low. yes, when I still have sims 2 my game runs fast when graphics is set in low. well you can still have your sim's details n high but shadows, refflections and tree details are not that important, set them in low. I knew it, windows 8 is not friendly with older games, thats why I am still with windows 7.