Beware of ‘anti-cheat link’.

November 27, 2012 10:57am CST
Some PTC sites use ‘anti-cheat link’ to detect clicking by non-human sources. I was not aware of it in the initial stages of my working with PTC sites. So I might have clicked on those links in some occasions without knowing the future consequences. Recently, when I have claimed payment from a site after reaching the minimum payout, it was brought into my notice that I had clicked on those links for so many times and an explanation was sought from me. I explained that I was quite unaware of it as my experience of working with PTC sites is not long enough and begged pardon for this unintentional mistake on my part. At the same time, I asked to know why I was not warned when it was detected for the first time so that I could correct myself in time. So far I have not received any rfeply from the site.I am not sure what would happen to my earnings but strongly believe that a new member should always be warned immediately after detection of any misconduct or violation of rules and regulations of any site instead of asking for an explanation when payment is claimed. What’s your opinion in this regard? The purpose of this post is also to make everyone careful about the ‘anti-cheat link’. Let me also know whether the ad always contain the warning of ‘anti-cheat link’ in it so that clickers can recognize it easily.
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