What is PTC???

@devonavis (1854)
November 29, 2012 11:52pm CST
PTC stands for Paid-To-Click. These PTC sites pay you by clicking sits or by viewing sites. A lot of PTC sites are created everyday and everyday but a lot of these become a SCAM! A site that do not pay and turns its members go crazy. I've been in PTCs for a quite a long time and I'm gonna share to you some tips and things to consider in looking for not only PTC sites but also applied to other paying sites. I'm not gonna explain to you in detail but you can check my blog @ avilu.everton.com. 1. Check the status of the site. 2. Check if the admin is active and if he put some money or invested on the site. 3. 'Too good to be true' is a sign that you get away from that site. 4. Check if they have an active forum. Important! 5. Check if they have a 'support ticket' program. 6. Check if they pay instantly or if you have to invest first before cashing out. PTC sites asking for investments is a negative sign. 7. PTCs should be consistent. If you see some inconsistencies or irregularities then you better think. 8. PTCs ARE FREE TO JOIN!!!!!!!!!! 9. Do your research. Look for reviews for the site if it has a lot of complaints. I hope I helped you!
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