Make plans when i do to bed

United Arab Emirates
November 30, 2012 5:51am CST
When ever i go to the bed,Lots of interesting ideas come into my mind,i don't know how!During day time,i don't get such brilliant ideas!Is it because there is no body to disturb me at night?I have done lots of important decisions at this time!the only time i get to talk to myself!I have also recalled my notes at this time when i was giving exams,just to reconfirm that i know all the stuff by heart!What do you guys think?
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@tedifa (1233)
• Indonesia
3 Dec 12
Same with me shallo,sometimes i got good idea when i go to bed or in the bathroom.When i was thinking about new plans suddenly the good idea has come when i wanna sleep.
@beamer88 (4261)
• Philippines
30 Nov 12
Maybe that's probably it. Most of us think better when there's no disturbance, and usually we can only have that during nighttime especially when everybody's asleep already. But I guess this would also depend whether we're tired or not. I mean, even if there's no one disturbing us, if we're tired from working all day, then it would be hard to think up great ideas.
@doroffee (4223)
• Hungary
30 Nov 12
I always do the same, too. I recollect all the things that happened the very day and think about my upcoming plans. It's good that I can be alone with my thoughts and meditate on things really thoroughly. Sometimes I even use a notebook to jot down some ideas before going to bed.
@nani4ajay (108)
• India
30 Nov 12
I get sleep very easily, but when I wake up in the morning so many thoughts revolve in my mind, It may be good I wake up at 6am after that i can't sleep, If i sleep forcedly i get ideas and thoughts so many things which will not let me to sleep. So you get ideas when your going to sleep, I get ideas after i woke up. But problem is same I think.