gta 5

@ltpotter (177)
United States
December 9, 2012 10:15am CST
I can not wait in till grand theft auto five comes out. This game is going to be just spectacular. Now it looks like you can fly jets instead of just flying helicopters. Now it will be just a great game. What do you guys think
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@omchesunche (1755)
• Indonesia
27 Apr 13
so we even can fly the massive 747's.and how about the cars are they real cars or fake cars. and the textures is it cool and shiny, and are there ships that can be ride able. I am so excited for grand theft auto 5,ill download it at my pc or laptop as soon as it comes at October.
• South Africa
20 Mar 13
I fail to see how the veichles types affect the gameplay ?? Its a game where you do crime not fight a war. They just there for fun noting more.
• India
27 Dec 12
Hi..I had just watched the trailer and yup you are right we fly fighter jets i suppose and the safe-house looks awesome well constructed the animation or the graphics has itself really high and the realism in the car design is too great.The stunts animations are really good too.Overall its just going to be a great game and I am very waiting for its release in 2013.
@TeamCholent (2839)
• United States
9 Dec 12
GTA games have come along way since the original came out a few years back. Anything special meant to happen in this one that will be a "game changer?"
@Visdude11 (211)
• Norway
9 Dec 12
Hi :) You could also fly jets in GTA 4, you only need to go to the airport in San Andreas :) I also cant wait for the GTA 5, gonna buy it for my PS3. It's gonna be fun :)