A Friend Love at All Times

December 11, 2012 5:39am CST
Having a friend, is not a joke. We need to be serious in choosing friends. Some of them, will love you just because of what they gain when they are with you. Nowadays, you must find someone who is willing to take all the risk just to be with you. We can see, bad influence friends which they brought you to bad things. Let you drink, take cigarettes and even invite you to bars. The only thing is to think about someone who is kind enough that will never let you to do bad things. I am happy because, as I wish, God give me friends that are willing to help me, guide me, and even direct me in my wrong doings. I am happy to have someone that will love me even though she was irritated of my jokes and stories. To all my friends, Im sorry I think its time to say goodbye. Goodbye not in friendship but in distance. Ill treasure all the moments with all of you BERNIE AND FRIENDS! I love you all. Your the best gift that God gave me. Heidee, Thanks for all. For helping me and giving me a lot of patience. Sorry for the times that I snob you. Thanks for accepting my personality. I hope that you will still accept me. I love you. Bernie, Your the best member of Bernie and Friends. All the moments we've shared, Ill treasure it so much. Having you, is like having a clown, even though your not talking, I still laugh at you. Thanks for sharing your life to me. Onat, Your the dancer of our group. I hope that even Im going to leave the FERN, I pray that our friendship will still remain. Thanks for the companion. When we watched movies. On my birthday, you can go to our house. Ill treat you all. Cedric, Hmmm.. Did you know? Sometimes Im so offended by your jokes, but still I love you. Thanks for showing me that I can do things, that I need to study. Your corny jokes? HAHA. Its funny for me. Im your number 1 fan. HAHAHA. Ill miss you. Take care of yourself. Gab, yes! Your so naughty. HAHA. Thanks for sharing your experience to me. The most unforgettable moment I have with you, is when we swim at Vivida and you carry me. HAHA. Im so afraid because I did not know how to swim. Thanks for all. Last but not the least, Julius, Sorry. I know we're not okay until today. Sorry for all the bad things I've done for you. Partner! HAHA, Thanks for sharing some stories of your life. And Im happy for making me realize the things I did not know before. Hope we'll be okay when we met again. BERNIE AND FRIENDS, You know that Im not good in english. But my Article is all about you. I love you all. I'll miss you. You make me feel that I'm super blessed to have you. Hope you'll understand my "BALIKONG ENGLISH". Haha, I know you'll laugh at me because it's corny. But seriously, Its from the bottom of my heart! Thanks for the friendship. Thanks for the memories we've shared! Ill treasure it. Ill miss you so much. =( My life at FERN is at end. But the memories with you will remain forever and ever! (I know that GAB & CEDRIC will laugh out loud. But Im serious)
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@katie0 (5203)
• Japan
11 Dec 12
We are blessed to have even one person in our lives that love us, are there for us, that comfort us when we have no where else to turn to... Friends are so important in life, indeed God love us as He let us always have at least someone. Friendship is a beautiful relationship, usually without competition and other bad things that comes in other relations.
11 Dec 12
Totally agreed. True friends are like treasures hidden in the most unlikely places,so once found better take care with the best we`ve got. True friends are God`s gift to each individual.
• Philippines
11 Dec 12
Having a friend is not really a joke. We need to treasure our friends whom treats us as their sister/brother, Nowadays true friend is hard to find and we cannot just trust somebody. We must know them better.