the worst fight

United States
December 11, 2012 9:22pm CST
The other day me and my fiancée was just chilling in our hood when next thing you know ,we see this boy whose no older then 20. Get knocked slapped out.I mean you can literally feel this lick,he hits the ground and the dude just go to stomping him.I mean he knocked the boy out hit him so hard woke him bak up and knocked him bak out again. It was so horrible at first we was like okay they fighting, but then it was like wow and his brother did nothing at all just stood there and watch this happen to his get no cool points and loose all respect cause wether he was right or wrong you don't just stand there and let your baby brother get did like that. Whn the police finally arrived after someone called them they pulled up seen the commotion and did nothing. Then when other officers arrived they get the boy who get knocked out put him in the bak of the police car and take him to the station and then drop him bak off didn't even call an ambulance for him wow.then five mins later the same dude and his family went and jumped on this young boy under18 and now he. In the hospital I hear he's fighting for his life and these people still on the street wow isn't that some! Horse mess
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@jenny1015 (13366)
• Philippines
12 Dec 12
I couldn't imagine how one could just stare at that kind of situation. I just hope that the boy gets out of the hospital soon.
• United States
12 Dec 12
It wasn't my business and besides i don't know where u from but where we from living in the Hood or wateva u call it, ain't no telling wat u see ..things happen every day in the Hood but newho thanks for ur comment have a good day