my embarrassing love -2

December 12, 2012 10:14am CST
Its late evening here ,but i want to say sth about my feelings . last weekend , our class went hiking. she was there too. she was frist time to climb the mountain .but for me ,the muntain is close to me , im here one time a week .i love the feelings surrounding by the nature . its make me relax and comfortable . im so pleasure to share my feelings with her . obviously ,she was not good at climbing cos she was tired for a short way . but she was not giving up and following us ! it was impressed me ! i cant help taking her bag from her arm ! i said :let me help you ! she was smiling to me ! "its ok , I don't like doing sport so...." that day was full of sunshine , its so beautiful like her . i looked at her finding her pink face ,its really cute . the sweat was running from her face. I really want to help her wipe the sweat . but i can't .. yesterday , when i walked into the class to find her .at the same time , she raised her head . we look at each other more than 3 seconds . looking at her eyes make me happy and i know i fall in love . AND i am sure she is the person that i want to get married . this is the emotion from my deep heart . i dont know what she thought ! love you even if i cant have you !
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@galileo2008 (1141)
• Philippines
13 Dec 12
It's good to know that you're in love with this woman that you're very happy to see her and to have her getting closed to you. Whenever you see her you feel like everything fades away and you can only see her with her beautiful face, looking at you like you're the only guy in the world. That's love...
@kokomo (1867)
• Philippines
13 Dec 12
I think just tell her what you feel. You might not know what also she feels for you, maybe there is. right? You should have the courage to tell what you feel for her.
@mariaperalta (19073)
• Mexico
12 Dec 12
Love is a great thing.. I flt and had it once for about 4 -5 years. Now I love my son and friends and family. We all need love in our lifes.
@Aezimath (81)
• Finland
12 Dec 12
It's good to see people in love. :)